Council for Free Legal Aid (CFLA)

The Council for Free Legal Aid (hereinafter ‘Council’) is established to provide free legal aid as a key institution which carries out its duties independently from other public institutions and free of instructions and interferences from any person outside. Also, the CFLA exercises direct monitoring of the Agency.

  1. The Council consists of seven members who are qualified professionals who have knowledge of the justice system.
  2. Members of the Council are selected by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo among the candidates proposed by the following institutions:
  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare;
  • Ministry for Returns and Communities;
  • Ministry of Finance;
  • Kosovo Chamber of Advocates;
  • Supreme Court
  • Nongovernmental Organisations;

Competences and responsibilities of the Council are:

  1. To develop policies and rules for providing free legal aid which ensure an effective system, efficient and comprehensive, flexible and sustainable;
  2. To monitor the work of the Agency and overall functioning of the free legal aid system;
  3. To identify priorities in offering free legal aid depending on the resources and funds available.

If needed, the Council shall establish specific committees for the exercise of its competences as set out in paragraph 1 of this article.

The Council shall establish, by a decision, the Appeals Committee that will decide at a second instance all the appeals that are filed against the decisions rendered by the regional offices.

The Council reports to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo once a year on the Agency work and publishes the Agency’s Report on the official webpage.

Composition of the Free Legal Aid Council

The Council for Free Legal Aid is composed of seven members: the Head, Deputy Head and five members.

  1. Baki Gimolli - Ministry of Justice
  2. Feim Osmani - Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
  3. Milena Vuçiq - Ministry for Returns and Communities, 
  4. Enis Spahiu - Ministry of Finance, 
  5. Safet Voca - Kosovo Chamber of Advocates, 
  6. Valon Totaj - Supreme Court
  7. Adem Lushaj - NGO

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